Playing with dolls to get pleasure

From the outside, silicone dolls are just sex objects, but they can also sometimes take the place of your partner. It's not about loving a sex doll, but about admiring it for its quality and its way of being.

Indeed, the doll does everything on the bed

There are days when our partner is indisposed to provide us with the pleasure we want, so the plastic doll is there for that. This silicone doll smells exactly the same as your wife. She can have the same hair as her, the same style of makeup that will never fade after a rough sweat from her partner. She can even wear your partner's fine lingerie and don't worry, even if she can't have her character, she is ready to follow your laws. She can also put herself as the third person in your bed and make it a perfectly fantastic threesome. What's great about this real doll is the way she can hold herself like a human. She does a great foot job, and if you haven't tried it yet, give it a try.

Doing the foot job

The foot job is the foot game that men like to do with his sex partner. And on the other hand, they can also play with his feet. This practice is part of the BDSM one, but the pleasure is much more intense when the man sprays cum all over the woman's body. Men really like this position, because it allows him to observe a good part of the woman's pussy and her vagina as well. The picture is just excellent and by moving his feet, the man sees everything and admires the scene. It is therefore logical that the ejaculation comes without worry and it is with pleasure that women love their job well done.

This position is also perfect for the couple who wants to do the naughty in a restaurant, the feet of the lady can do the work without obstacles., All foot job : last videos