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Among the new current sexual trends, our website stands out on the exclusive publishing videos on the footjob. We highlight all aspects of this practice, be it a man or a woman. Foot fetish is a trend that affects both women and men, especially present in the preliminaries. Videos and stories available on our website all tend toward fetishism, in all categories.

All about footjob

Often used in the preliminaries, the footjob is enjoyed by men and women. Amateurs often think that only men who practice it. Fetishists men appreciate women who put high heels with provocative colors. Red, gold or black lacquer, all these colors are the most popular. The footjob in women is less pronounced but still exists. For this, these women take the expression foot is not a metaphor. They like to get screwed by a toe or a foot to climb to 7th heaven. The lesbians love this practice to give an exclusive pleasure. In addition, footjob practiced anywhere. The classic would be in a hotel room or a car, but it can also be practiced in public, in the subway, in a nightclub or a restaurant.

Videos galore

Videos on our site are categorized in several groups. We have categories gang bang, threesome or swingers. We are aware that the way of everyone to have fun is different. This means that we have available videos in several practices, such as sex between lesbians or between gays. It is also often the members are of mixed videos like a threesome with two lesbians or two guys for one girl. Our site also brings together in the form of short videos to satisfy those who like scenarios. We have videos with all nationalities known women such as Asians, blacks or Latinas. These bombs are known for their slutty nature and for knowing suck., All foot job : last videos