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Slag is therefore, the part of the food that we can remove before cooking or before being eaten raw: sausage fat, skin and fruit seeds, for example. In terms of sex, it is a condition of a person who just needs sex.

What is slag?

In this respect, it is worth emphasising what slag is. Slag is the part of the food that the body tires of assimilating and which, as a result, settles and accumulates in the intestine and is then expelled with the stool. Therefore, those who are on this diet should avoid high-fibre foods (such as skinned fruits and vegetables and whole grains). We become slag when we are a little huge and we have to do the diet without milk.

Why a dairy-free diet?

Following a slag-free diet is an indication that must come from the attending physician. One of the reasons why you should follow this type of diet the white boxxx by eliminating as much as possible foods containing slag is the need for specialized tests. For example, all diagnostic tests requiring a clean intestine: mainly abdominal ultrasounds and colonoscopy. But not only: the slag-free diet is also recommended for people suffering from meteorism or enterocolitis.

Sex with slag

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